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 Handmade soap bars keep your skin healthy the natural way

 We currently offer twenty exhilarating scents

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A tried and true bar that men enjoy

An all natural soap with a powerful scent. This bar is a hit with men.

Limited Supply 

One of our seasonal scents. This soap is exactly what you think it is, a cool, minty treat. 

Craving something different? This is an all natural bar with cedarwood and clary sage essential oils

All natural with ground cinnamon, beeswax and honey. This seasonal scent is fun

Popular Scent

One of our Goat milk soaps. It smells so good and has ground coffee for extra exfoliation

Defender is a special bar. It's all natural and

contains the four thieves essential oils that make it more than a soap

Almost Sold Out!

All natural soap that is favored by men. It's loaded with essential oil and the scent is unique. This bar is becoming a favorite

One of our most popular scents. A very clean, outdoors aroma, very addicting.

Island Spice is a sweet bar with a surprise inside. While you enjoy the scent, the luffa will be tough scrubbing your body, shea butter will leave it smooth

All natural and all lavender

The lavender buds provide extra scrubbing power

An all natural blend with goats milk. Lavender smells so good and the oatmeal exfoliates. 

You can't go wrong with this bar

All natural and heavy on the citrus

Men choose this bar often, is it because there is beer in it?

Only 3 Bars Left

Mountain Pine is like soaping up with a tree.

There is Black walnut hull and Aspen bark extract in it. Washing with a tree is cool.

This is our most popular soap by a mile. It's one of our goat milk scents. 

All natural blend that is simply lavender

Another time tested favorite

A great combo of vanilla and sandalwood, no wonder it's called sandalwood vanilla

Seasonal Supply Limited

All natural with lavender and peppermint essential oils. Vanilla and oatmeal bring this one home.

All natural bar with the healthy benefits of tea tree oil.

All natural with goat milk. This is an exfoliating dream.


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