The ten bar bundle is your choice of any ten bars of our delightful soap. This really is a bucket of soap. You may even have enough to share, then again, no.

These are full size bars weighing on average 4.5 ounces.


USPS priority shipping is included so you can start sudding up with your soap as soon as possible.

 Please use the text box to choose your bars. 

Here are the scents we have available and the quantity on hand. Please refer to this list as you make your scent selections.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey 

Lavender Oatmeal 

Lavender Flowers 

Purple Lavender 

Unscented oatmeal 

Bay runner 

Green Cloverfield 

Coffee and Cream 


Candy Cane 

Sandalwood Vanilla 


Mountain Pine (Only 3 left)

Tea Tree 

Island Spice (Only 3 left)

Eucalyptus Lime (Only 6 Left)

Mad Hops Citrus Beer 

Antique Sandalwood 

Cedarwood Sage


Ten Bar Bundle



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