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Updated: Jan 13

***Warning, the author has a strange sense of humor, proceed with caution***

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Bag of bones”?

It is a crude if not funny way of describing our bodies. I certainly would not like to be called a bag of bones by someone speaking at my funeral but wouldn’t mind it in other, less formal settings. It is true that we are bones contained within bodies, or bags, in this instance. If we wanted to take the description a little farther, we could say that we are, “skin bags of bones.” That makes the whole thing even more obnoxious or insulting, or that much more fun, depending on your disposition.

Can you picture a crowded bar, really hopping on a Saturday night. An attractive lady stands at the bar, alone. She looks out of place but that could be because of her beauty and not that she really doesn’t belong. In fact, no matter where she went, she would stand out from the crowd. What kind of chance would you give the man that walks up to her and says, “You are the most beautiful skin bag I have ever seen. How about we hit the dance floor and wiggle and jiggle our skin bags to all the funky music?"

How about a couple at their wedding exchanging vows. The Bride looks at her husband soon to be and says, “I never in all my life thought I would meet such a kind, generous man. You are the nicest person I have ever met and to top it off, you are such a handsome skin bag.”

As true as it may be, that we are skin bags, the world may not be ready for it. The point is our skin is a big part of us. It keeps the bones and other stuff inside protected and healthy. We owe it to ourselves to treat our skin right.

I see commercials that sell products using the old, “You deserve it” strategy. The assumption is that you have been or done something and so by right, deserve whatever it is they are selling. It’s an entitlement. To say you deserve something means you are owed it. I can think of nothing more deserving of some tender loving care than our skin. We put it through heat and cold, we cut it and scrape it, we let it get dry and nasty. We subject it to chemicals and dirt. We use our skin to grab things. We take razors to it. Our skin takes a beating. The stuff deserves a treat.

After all the things our skin bags go through, why would we use chemicals to clean it. Why not use soap that will make it healthier? Have your skins’ back because it has yours.

Our soap is something nice you can do for your skin. We have all-natural scents, Goats milk scents and some that contain ingredients that heal skin. Shea butter is a spectacular ingredient found in every bar we sell. Oatmeal exfoliates but does so much more. Goats milk gently cleanses and is rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturize. It contains lactic acid that exfoliates too. Palm oil restores hydration, great for dry skin, and is suitable for sensitive skin bags. Our soap contains organic palm oil which is a renewable and sustainable resource. Essential oils are the essence of the plants they come from and have been used for centuries in soap. They are a healthy way to add those scents we love into our bars. Many essential oils have health benefits and that is the subject for another day.

The next time you look in the mirror, take a good look at the skin you’re in. When was the last time you gave it some good loving? It’s been there with you from the beginning and it’ll be hanging around for the long run. It wouldn’t do your skin much good to write it a poem or give it a greeting card. Your skin won’t be all happy if you call the radio station and request a song for it. What song would it be though if you did? “Let’s stay together” by Al Green?

What will make skin happy is the gift that keeps on giving, a bar of soap. And since you’re already on our website, may as well make it one of ours. You’ll make your brain happy too because of the money you’ll save. Your brain will be like, “I can have great soap that will help my skin and save money? That’s a no brainer.”

Until next time my fellow skin bags, stay crazy…

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