Your body is the land flowing with milk and honey (and oatmeal)

Updated: Jan 18

The first scent I will review is one that gets all the lovin’ when people start sniffing around our soap. Oatmeal milk and honey has a subtle, sweetness with a little bit of muskiness thrown in. If muskiness wasn’t a work before, it is now. The power of the scent on the bar is low and it remains sneaky during the sud fiesta that it provides during use. It stays on your skin for longer than expected from the power of the scent during the first two phases of the soap journey. If you don’t follow what I’m laying down, please read my post on how we review our soap. It’s not as easy as, “Hey this stuff smells good, I want to slather it on my body!”

It could be that easy, I guess, but that would not help with my soap craze. So, Oatmeal milk and honey has a very nice aroma, I find myself sniffing my own arm after using it. It is a good bar.

The place where this soap really makes its’ mark is the way it turns gravel skin into soft skin. It accomplishes this with a magic ingredient I like to call, oatmeal. The longer you use the bar the more pronounced the oatmeal chunks get and the more it scrubs. The scrubbing combined with the goats milk lather leaves my skin really soft. Since I like to see myself as more of a John Wayne guy than a Tom Cruise, having soft skin has never been a thing. How do I know Tom has soft skin? I don’t, but I will wager a few bars of Oatmeal milk and honey that his skin is much softer than John’s ever was. We will never know as the Duke is no longer with us. If you are in the market for a soft maker, this soap is for you. I remember when my wife, T, was hanging with me on the couch and she felt my arm and remarked about how soft it was. Something a store bought soap has never been able to elicit from her mouth was a breeze for handmade soap. It could’ve been oatmeal milk and honey, it’s been so long and so many bars ago that my memory is not clear. I am clear on my opinion of this blog post star. Oatmeal milk and honey is a subtle, sweet bar of soap with a healthy lather and deep clean. The brown color of the bar is not eye popping but it does fit. It’s not my favorite scent but is very popular. I find that women like it more than men. For the man reading this, get a bar of Oatmeal milk and honey for your wife or girlfriend and surprise her with it, you will be a smooth operator for the day, even if you have John Wayne gravel skin.

Here’s the quick draw review….

Oatmeal milk and honey

· Brown color with white oatmeal chunks

· Subtle musky sweet scent before, during and after use

· Lathers up well with scratchy exfoliation while in the shower

· Leaves skin feeling smooth and lightly sweet smelling

· Overall rating is 7 out of 10 (T gives it a 10)

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