Our soap grading system

Grading soap is an art on it’s own. A good bar of soap has many layers, the experience of it starts when you pick it up and continues for many hours after use. The scent can and will be different on the bar, during application and then leaves a trail. I have found that some bars have a steady scent throughout, and others will change quite a lot during the experience. All three scents, on the bar, in use, and the trail need to be acknowledged as of equal importance. In my reviews, I will make reference to these qualities. I have found that some bars are not as appealing on the bar only to find that the trail it leaves is very good. It is exciting to discover what each soap has to offer in this category.

Another aspect of the scent of a bar, is how big the scent is. Again, we will give our rating of the soap the same as the scent itself, on the bar, in use and the trail. You will be amazed at how a soap with a tall scent on the bar leaves only a hint during use. Some soaps have a high trail while lower on the outset. We are all made differently so I will not be surprised to find that our soaps will give you a different ride than they do me. This is why I enjoy soap more than I thought I ever would. It is an experience unique to the user.

Another point that I grade soap on is the way it looks. Some soaps invite you to them with waves of color. I have found this to be an item that certainly isn’t as important as the scent but deserves a place in the grading chart. When you find a soap that captivates you with a great scent and it looks good to the eye, it does make a difference. We are very visual driven beings and a beautiful bar can move a it up the scale, even if only a little.

Now we move on to the section of the grading system of how the soap reacts during use. This is when the rubber meets the road. What is the texture of it against the skin? Soaps foam up differently, and in different colors. Too me, a white foam means it is lighter. It seems to make the wash down more enjoyable. I know this is a perceived lightness as soaps that have a creamier foam leave me feeling just as clean. Then there is the soap that have built in exfoliation. They have a rougher feel during use but are hard to beat when it comes to the feel of skin after.

That brings me to the final aspect of my grading system. The feeling it leaves on your skin after the scrub a dub dubbing is done. This was never a big deal to me, soap was for cleaning, period. Now, that I have seen the other side of the coin, there is some validity to having smoother skin. It became apparent the first time my wife told me that I felt smooth. It was the first time after twenty three years of marriage that I heard those words in regards to my skin. Smooth is a good adjective to hear when someone is talking about you, believe me.

As I review and grade our fabulous soaps, I’ll make a report card for each on for a quick reference guide. I hope that you’ll find them of some value in choosing your bar and possibly a bit entertaining. I’m enjoying the chance to write about my newest obsession, soap.

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