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The story of the Soap Bucket starts with an impulse buy. I was wasting time on my phone and one of those annoying adds on the side of the webpage caught my eye. It was an add for handmade soap that was intended for men. It worked because I found myself clicking on the link and buying some soap. I took my time and read reviews of the different scents available. I ended up purchasing a number of items and then waiting for longer than I wanted for my soap to arrive.

When my soap arrived, I was very anxious to try it out. This was my introduction to handmade soap, it did not disappoint. The scent of the soap, the lather it produced and the way it felt to my skin afterward was unlike any soap I’ve ever used. I became a fan of handmade soap instantly.

I’ve never been one to go for fancy dance bathroom items, any store bought soap would do me just fine. Soap is soap was my thinking. I didn’t have a favorite brand of soap, it never crossed my mind to get that fussy over it. I’m a middle aged man, moving toward fifty faster than I would like, but not to concerned about it. I’m an avid backpacker, love life on the side of the Cascade mountains and can be found riding my Honda dirt bike on some tasty BLM trails. Getting dirty is a normal part of life around my house. The answer to the dirt equation has always been jump in the shower and grab whichever soap has found it’s home on the shelf of our shower stall. That was the way it went until that fateful soap day, the day I tried handmade soap. After the first wash down with that heavenly bar, I was sold on handmade soap. The stuff smells so darn good and it makes my skin feel good to be in. Soap makes a difference.

I used up the three bars in no time and was ready to order up some more. This is when my love affair with handmade suds almost ended. There’s no way around it, this stuff is expensive. Why? Was all handmade soap sold at a stinky price? I started searching the internet for some high quality handmade soap with reasonable prices. I became the soap version of Sherlock Holmes, I had my trusty sidekick with me, my wife T. We will call her soap Watson for the sake of this story.

We started scouring the internet for handmade soap makers. There are quite a lot of them out there. We chose a company with a good history in the business and ordered 28 of their most popular scents and waited with handmade withdrawals for their arrival. Once in our hot hands, we smelled the fragrance each bar offered and chose a stack of the ones we thought would be best. I wasn’t expecting the new soap to be better than the bars I had purchased from the internet add, I was very surprised when I found the new bars to be better. The scent of the bars is heartier and the lather seems lighter. It’s a better bar of soap. My wife had bought us some more of the original brand and that bar is still unused in our shower, it doesn’t compare to the new brand. Plus, the price we paid for the higher quality soap was very reasonable. We had solved the problem of finding a very good handmade soap from a reputable company along with a fair price.

It took about three months to get through the samples and we ended up with a handful of scents that are really appealing, each in a different way. We have become soap connoisseurs; we approach soap as one may a fine wine. The scent on the bar, as it’s being applied and the after affect are all taken into consideration. The way it lathers up and feels against the skin, the rinse is important too. What kind of affect does it have on the skin, hours after the fact, is part of the equation. A good bar of soap leaves it’s footprint on your body like my Altra trail shoes on a Cascade mountain trail. And to think that a few short months ago any old store bought soap would do.

We started The Soap Bucket with two simple goals. Offer high quality handmade soap at fair and reasonable prices. We have found the soap and now we offer it to you at a great price.

We love our soap so much that we started a blog about it. Some stories have as their hero a strong chiseled man or a woman with the drive of ten train engines. They overcome the huge odds and save the day. The hero of our stories is a sweet smelling bar of soap, it hangs out in the shower until it’s time to defeat the stink and grime of life in the forty hour a week world. No matter what we throw at it, we always come out smelling like handmade perfection.

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