Don't be shy Shea (Why choose a soap with shea butter)

You hear it mentioned on ads for skin and beauty products. It’s used as a powerful selling point. I’ve only recently started taking notice of ingredients used in soaps and lotions and even I have heard this item mentioned over and over. I have always thought that it must be something special from the way it’s used in promoting a product. What makes this stuff so great? Certainly, I’m talking about Shea butter. I also must tell you that every time I hear it mentioned, I think about toast. That makes for a weird mental picture. Imagine, if you will, a lady in the shower, using her miracle product with shea butter. She slathers it on heavy and works it into her skin, then, grabbing her knife, globs a bunch of the butter on a piece of toast she happens to have with her in the stall. Soggy shea butter toast is messed up.

Moving on, if you are like me and have heard about shea butter but never took the time to see what’s so great about it. Let’s shine the spotlight on this condiment of beauty. Come to find out, shea butter is some pretty good stuff.

Shea butter is a natural product from shea trees. It has been used for centuries in cosmetics. It is safe for all skin types and softens skin while not clogging pores. The oils in the butter are rapidly absorbed by your skin and moisturize like nobodys’ business. Since it soaks in quickly, you won’t feel oily. Have you ever put on sunscreen and then immediately want to jump in the river because the stuff feels like an uncomfortable second skin? Shea butter doesn’t do that.

Shea butter is more than a fast absorbing moisture maker. It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial AND antifungal. Shea butter is like the super hero of skin, it does two contradictory things at once. The fatty acids it contains helps rid the skin of excess oil but also restores moisture so your skin doesn’t dry out. This is good news for people concerned about acne. I remember using acne medication as a youngster and it was a nightmare of two conditions. Either my face was loaded with acne or was a dry, flaking, crusty spectacle. I sure could have used some shea butter back then. Sorry face. Sometimes I like to apologize to my face, it’s a new thing I’m hoping will catch on. It’s a very shea butter thing to do.

Shea boosts collagen production which helps minimize lines and makes skin plumper. It can help reduce stretch marks and scarring as well. It soothes skin and as an anti-inflammatory, it can be helpful in soothing sore muscles and even with alleviating joint pain.

Shea butter contains vitamins that aid in circulation and skin cell growth. The waxy part of the butter is cetyl esters, it is the part that conditions your skin and locks in moisture. The fatty acids and oils contained in shea butter are the ingredients that return your skin to its’ natural balance.

There are no documented cases of topical allergies to shea butter and people with nut allergies are still cleared for take-off when it comes to using the shea. At this point I realize that shea butter is too good for toast. I’ll leave regular butter as the butter I put on bread.

It’s easy to see why companies brag about having shea butter in their products. It is beneficial in so many ways. I am a butter believer, and you butter believe it. You will be happy to know that every bar of our soap has shea butter in it. It’s good to know that you’re doing something good for your skin while supporting your handmade soap craze. I feel very inspired by this whole thing and think that I’m going to compose a shea butter song and sing it in the shower.

I just had another weird butter thought. Picture a giant piece of toast in the shower, singing my song, and coating itself with shea butter soap. What a lucky piece of toast.

That’ll about do it for this post. Until next time, stay crazy…

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What Is Shea Butter? 22 Benefits, Uses, and Products to Try (

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