Antiques are usually not made for scrubbing your skin

One of the scents that we have available at the Soap Bucket is antique sandalwood. I have to say that this one has snuck up on me. It's kind of a no nonsense scent that won't win any best dressed awards. It won't be strutting down the red carpet anytime soon. It should not be overlooked because of its simplistic nature. I used up a bar of eucalyptus lime and was wanting to swim in uncharted waters, I never tried antique before so I snatched one up.

The scent is powerful, it makes its presence known from the get go. I thought that it may be too much but it becomes very nice and easy after you use it. Sandalwood is such a great scent, it reminds me of cowboys. It has a rugged clean appeal to it. I would say that any single man should get a couple bars and start scrubbing with the antique. Even the married men would do themselves a favor by trying it out. It's not a bad idea to smell good.

Like I mentioned, it has a powerful scent during use that doesn't translate to overpowering on the skin. It lathers up really nice and rinses clean. It contains shea butter, palm and coconut oil, your skin will be soft. If you want to try a tried and true soap, you should pick the antique.

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